Top Ten Best Tea Kettles 2017

Top Ten Best Tea Kettles 2017

Who doesn’t love tea? People have been drinking tea for centuries, and there’s no sign of them stopping in 2017. It actually seems like all varieties of tea get a horde of new enthusiasts with every new generation. However, buying premium quality tea leaves does not mean that you will enjoy the best tasting and refreshing tea.

It is imperative that you have the right equipment so that the delicate flavour and refreshing properties of tea can be maintained. In other words, you need a good tea kettle to brew your tea leaves. In light of the fact that today’s market is flooded with different types and brands of kettles, it can be challenging and confusing to get the best tea kettle that will suit your needs and preferences.

Be that as it may, you don’t have to worry as we will make the choice much easier for you. We have reviewed the highly rated tea kettles available on the market today to help you make the best choice. Our review includes a comprehensive buying guide, which will give you much more information about tea kettles in general. With this, you’ll know what to look for when you embark on the mission to look for the ideal tea kettle for your needs.

A Brief History of the Tea Kettle

The tea kettle forms an integral part of our day to day life. However, have you thought of how and why it came into existence? Do you know the science behind its unique design and shape?
Here is brief overview of the origin of tea kettles:

Kettles can be traced back to as far as the 2000 BC. Archaeological evidence shows that bronze vessels that look similar to modern day tea kettles were used in Mesopotamia. However, those ancient vessels were used for cooking food and featured a more ornate spout.

Types of Tea Kettles

There’s no better and quicker way to make tea than with the use of a tea kettle. There are a wide variety of tea kettles on the market to choose from, but they are broadly divided into two types. Both are good, but the best choice will largely depend on your needs and budget. We will outline their respective advantages to help you make an informed choice.

The most significant advantage of an electric kettle is that it consumes less energy and heats water faster. Likewise, some electric water kettles have in-built water filters, which help to get rid of hard water deposits from your water.
If you drink white tea or green tea, some electric kettles are equipped with a temperature-control element, which stops heating the water before it reaches the boiling point. With this, you don’t have to worry about your water getting unbearably hot.
If you have a busy lifestyle and looking for a machine that will take care of tea brewing while you’re busy at work, an electric kettle could be your perfect solution.

While they are an old-fashioned type of tea kettle, stove-top tea kettles are still a great choice, especially when you already have more kitchen appliances than power outlets. Stove-top kettles not only require an electric plug, but are also attractive and easy to use.
For many tea lovers, heating water on the stove for tea is an integral part of their tea-making ritual. Moreover, stove-top kettles generally cost less compared to electric kettles.

Which Stove Top Kettle Is Best for You?

Something else worth mentioning about stove-top kettles is that they can be categorized based on the materials used to make them. Each of the materials has their own advantages and drawbacks. Here is a look at some of the most common materials: