Why Electric Kettles Should Be Plastic Free

Plastic Free electric kettle

Every kitchen must have a kettle for boiling water and for brewing coffee or tea. As a result, one must own an appliance that is safe, whose usage should not pose health-related hazards to the user.

Ideally, a good electrical kettle should not contain any plastic because it is loaded with BPA chemical which quickly leaks out when the temperature rises and may cause healthy concerns. BPA is found in polycarbonate, one of the raw material for manufacturing plastics. When consumed, BPA can cause some problems such as disrupting the development of the unborn child or may lead to obesity. Countries such as Japan and Canada, have banned baby bottles and sip cans which containing BPA because of the adverse effects it causes to the users.  Also, taking water or tea that tastes plastics is thought to be harmful and could cause serious health problems such as breast cancer, learning disability, and impaired learning.  BPA may also cause asthma, prostate cancer, and cardiovascular issues.

The ongoing research shows that BPA is harmful and individuals are advised to use plastic free items to reduce poisoning their bodies with the chemical. Stainless steel kettle is recommended because it is safe and does not expose the user to this dangerous chemical.  When boiling water comes into contact with plastic, it exposes anyone who drinks it to this dangerous substance. Hence it is recommended that you consider buying BPA-free kettles.

BPA Free Kettles

A stainless steel pot should not contain any part that is made of plastics. If it has, it is necessary to check and ensure that the plastic is BPA free. Also, it is important to ensure that the plastics do not come in contact with boiling water to reduce BPA poisoning. Check out the lid to make sure that it is plastic free. The handle may have some plastic material, but care must be taken to ensure that the plastic part does not come into contact with the boiling water.

Using a plastic kettle to boil water exposes the user to some amount of BPA chemicals. If this was to be done on a daily basis, which is always the case especially if your electrical kettle is made of plastic results into massive exposure to BPA chemical which is linked to many health issues. When consumed in huge amount, BPA can lead to the following: sudden behavioral change, menstruation issues, and growth problems.  Some studies suggest that BPA disrupts thyroid, may affect the hormone levels in the blood, and affect the reproductive organ.  Research shows that BPA affects fertility, enzyme activity, and brain chemistry and is thought to be toxic. When an individual heats water in an electrical kettle made of plastic, it releases BPA which leaches into the hot water and can severely affect your system.

Therefore, it is recommended that you buy an electrical kettle made of stainless steel to reduce chances of ingesting BPA. Ensure that your family uses stainless steel kettle or coffee makers to guarantee their safety and free them from consuming BPA chemical. Do not gamble with their lives, act now and save your loved ones.

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